Wadi Rum Ultra 2017

Better late than never…… After a rather busy autumn season of being away a lot, and not training as much as I should, at the beginning of October I found myself at the start line of the 2017 Wadi Rum Ultra; a 5-day, 260km race through the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan (the perils of talking to someone adventurous when you’ve just come back off a big adventure and you’re not sure what you should do next!). Training was nowhere near as good as I would have liked it to be (I had my prep for the 2014 Oman Desert Marathon to compare it to), but I knew that I could at least complete the distances, and sheer bloody-mindedness if nothing else, would get me through. Oh, and the fact that my desert trainers (the ones with the Velcro for my gaiters still sewn on) appeared to have shrunk in the course of 3 years sitting in a cupboard, meaning I was fearing for the state of my poor little feet before I even started running.

Ben Tuffnell Photography. Wadi Rum Ultra 2017

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The Adventures of Henry J Ruffington – Far East Russia

And so it started… we were off. Getting out of Vladivostok was a little tricky, but thanks to the wonder of Garmin and open source maps, we at least had vague idea of where to go, even if we didn’t have the luxury of sat nav. Fortunately, once you get out of Vladivostok, you are rather limited by the number options you can take direction-wise. If you are heading north to the corner of China, and then west towards Moscow, there really is only one road to take. Unless you head north into Siberia and take the Bam highway. Initially this had been our grand plan – travel from east to west along the Bam highway as far as Lake Baikal, and then drop down into Mongolia from there. However, after working out that our time in Russia would be slightly time pressured (seeing as we’d had to get our visas well in advance, before we knew that GAC had caused such a delay on the car arriving in Vlad) and doing a little more investigating, we came to the conclusion that trying to travel the Bam highway in two and a half weeks with only one car was actually a really stupid idea. Even with a winch. So, we had to tailor our initial plan slightly, and decided that we would high-tail it through far eastern Russia on the main roads as far as Lake Baikal and spend a day or two chilling out there before heading into Mongolia for the rest of our time away. Continue reading

The Adventures of Henry J Ruffington – Vladivostok 2015

The alarm clock went off early. Too early. Early enough for us to get to Heathrow Airport for a 10:20am flight, with time to drop the hire car off, and then stuff our excited little faces with breakfast (varying degrees of healthiness depending on whose selection you looked at). In usual style, we still had plenty of time to kill; Niall has by now accepted that it is far more pleasant for him to just accept that I need to be at airports early, rather than us arriving in a bit of a rush, and me getting very stressed and grumpy. The flight to Moscow was uneventful, but long; they also had a little nose-mounted camera on the front of the plane that they insisted on having switched on during take-off, final approach and landing – that you couldn’t turn off, even if you wanted to… Not a fan. After a bit of faffing around with customs in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, trying to work out whether we needed to declare the car then as we flew in with all the documentation, or whether we had to do something extra at the port…… We settled for at the airport before our connecting flight – turns out this was the correct thing to do, and saved us a lot of potential faff and trouble further down the line. Tried some weird hybrid of a bread / pastry combo filled with potato and some strange herby cheese as a last resort of hunger in the airport…… not to be repeated. Then onwards to Vladivostok (another rather long flight!). Vladivostok airport is about an hour by train from the city itself; a large, comfy transfer train chugging its way through green fields, past a mixture of wooden and corrugated steel shacks, log cabins and the occasional more western-style house. I had enough trouble trying to keep my eyes open, let alone remembering to take photos, so no photo documentation of this part of the journey I’m afraid!

General travel merriment en route to Moscow

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