Whole30 round 2 – week 4 and beyond

Just came across this article saved on my computer and realised that I’d never posted it!! I got sidetracked with writing about Atlantic Endeavour stuff and my Muscat marathon jaunt.

Day 22:

  • Breakfast – Tinned sardines, raw carrot, mushroom, pepper and cucumber.
  • Lunch – Raw carrot, mushrooms, sugarsnap peas, pepper, cucumber and tomatoes.
  • Dinner – Hotel buffet dinner – lots of salads, coconut curry lamb & baked potato wedges
  • Snacks – Fruit and nuts, fresh pineapple, a banana and an apple.
  • Drinks – Lots of water, green tea.

    Whole30 round 2 - Day 22

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 22

Day 23:

  • Breakfast – Banana, 2 hard-boiled eggs, beef bacon, baked potato wedges, cucumber, tomato, pineapple & melon.
  • Lunch – Tuna salad with icebery lettuce, coriander and a hard-boiled egg.
  • Dinner – 2 BBQ’d beef burgers, chicken kebab and lots of salad. Puf of apple, apricot, dried coconut, maca powder, pistachios & cacao nibs.
  • Snacks – Banana, fruit and nuts.
  • Drinks – Green tea and lots of water.

    Whole30 round 2 - day 23

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 23

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Whole30 round two – week 3 (fieldwork hell)

Last-minute fieldwork trips this week made for a very difficult food week for me that involved way too many almonds, too much raw veg, and not enough wholesome homemade meals from my lovely kitchen.

Day 15:

  • Breakfast – 2 egg omelette, green pepper, cucumber, almonds & hazelnuts
  • Lunch – Leftover mashed potato and meatballs in tomato veg sauce.
  • Dinner – Mixed salad leaves, cucumber, radish, tomato, olives and half a baked aubergine with beef tomato topping. Apples and orange salad for pudding
  • Snacks – Apricot, dates, cashews and sultanas
  • Drinks – Water, watered down Beet & Apple juice, Green tea, Coconut milk coffee

    Day 15 of Whole30 round 2

    Day 15 of Whole30 round 2

Day 16:

  • Breakfast – Apple, berry delight Nakd date bar and some rubbery scrambled egg.
  • Lunch – A tomato, sliced beets, 2 hard-boiled eggs saved from brekkie, apple, leftover orange from breakfast and nuts & dates
  • Dinner – Salad, cucumber, tomato, fish cooked in tomato & coriander, beef chunks & pan-fried potato slices.
  • Snacks – Leftover beef Bolognese after fieldwork. Beef jerky and 2 date & nut bars mid-fieldwork.
  • Drinks – Green tea, water.

    Day 16 of Whole30 round 2

    Day 16 of Whole30 round 2

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Whole30 round two – week 2.

Another week gone by, another week of lots of photos of my food!! Had a couple of dreams where I ate non-whole30 things and woke up mildly panicking, but apart from that, all good.

Day 8:

  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, leftover meatballs & tomato sauce, a fried egg, cauliflower and chopped cucumber.
  • Lunch – Leftover mince & veg stuffed pepper, mashed ½ avocado, dates and a banana.
  • Dinner – Burger, olives, moutabbal, cucumber, raw spinach and tomato & veg sauce. Chopped apple, banana, frozen blueberries & desiccated coconut for pud.
  • Snacks – Orange
  • Drinks – Water, coconut milk coffee.

    Day 8

Day 9:

  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, omelette, spinach, cucumber, sultanas, mushrooms and a handful of almonds.
  • Lunch – Lettuce, cucumber, grapes, olives, melon, carrot, sultanas, tomato and tuna.
  • Dinner – Pan-fried chicken breast, moutabbal, onion, spinach & sultanas, julienne carrots and tomato, mint & coriander salsa.
  • Snacks – Nakd cocoa bar (dates, raisins, cashews & cocoa).
  • Drinks – 2 cups of green tea and water.

    Day 9

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Whole30 round 2

After completing my first round of Whole30 in August of 2014, I’ve found it much easier to focus on eating healthy, home-cooked meals wherever possible. Generally speaking I eat a fairly paleo diet most of the time. However, even with all good intentions, some junk food did creep back in, particularly on the run-up to Christmas. I love to bake, and I love to eat baked things. What I have noticed however, is that my taste for sweet things changed after I did the Whole30. I don’t put sugar in my tea anymore; if I feel like I need some sweetness I use local date syrup instead. I also don’t tolerate fatty foods in the same way I used to be able to – they just don’t seem as appealing and make me feel gross after I’ve eaten them. Chocolate on the other hand is still as appealing as it always was!!

Christmas cookie swap the day before I flew home, with no-one else to help me eat them! Christmas cake. Mince pies.

Christmas cookie swap the day before I flew home, with no-one else to help me eat them! Christmas cake. Mince pies.

I decided January was as good a time as any to re-focus on what I was eating; I needed to get back on track after a few too many mince pies and Lindt chocolates. In addition I have my first road marathon coming up at the end of January and I wanted to make sure I was in tip-top shape nutrition-wise for it. I’ve been posting daily pictures of what I eat on Instagram as I did last time round; I find that it helps me to keep on track and makes me accountable to what I’m eating if I publish it to the world! It’s also a great way to see what other people are eating and cooking on their Whole30 journeys, as a lot of people have chosen January for another round. Some of the recipes and meal ideas that I’m seeing on Instagram look amazing and are things that I would never have thought of, even though I’m very happy in the kitchen cooking new things. Continue reading