Hi, I’m Charlotte. I’m a 28 year old Brit, currently living in the Middle East. By profession I’m a marine environmental consultant, but by passion I am a sports and adventure fiend, food and photo lover, and someone who loves to talk. I’ve always been a bit of a chatterbox, even when I was little, so I thought it was about time that I put the proverbial (cyber) pen to (cyber) paper and started sharing a little of my life with you all.

My next adventure on the horizon is the Oman Desert Marathon in November; a 6-stage, 165km race through the Bidiyah desert in Oman. I have never done a stage race before, or raced in the desert, or covered that much distance on foot before!

To me, things like this seem quite normal now – I am someone that thrives on a challenge, and the prospect of new adventures. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t get nervous about new things, but I firmly believe that if you don’t try something new, something that pushes you a bit, then you’ll never know what awesome stuff you’re missing out on. I’ve done sport since I was at school, so it seems only natural to me for this to be the area in my life that I focus my challenges on.

I’ve never been the fastest, the fittest, the most flexible, but if I want to achieve something, I’m willing to work hard for it. Part of the idea behind this blog is to show you that if I can do it, you can too! I love it when my friends come to me and excitedly tell me they’ve just signed up for their first half marathon, or even their local 5k or 10k race, because of something I’ve said or done. The thought that I might be able to nudge just one more person towards finding satisfaction and achievement that I do through sport and being healthy is a wonderful idea to me.

It’s very common to hear someone say “oh I’d love to do that” and then give a half hearted (or nervous) excuse – my response is – “so make it happen!”. There are still things that I want to make happen, and whether it’s just waiting for the right time, or making the situation and circumstances right to do it, they are still things I’m willing to work for. Make the most of this time we have, live well, challenge yourself, and enjoy it!

Adventures & Challenges I’m most proud of;

  • 4 x finisher of the UK Boston Rowing Marathon (31 miles)
  • Questars Adventure Challenge – Novice ladies’ winners – my first introduction to adventure racing
  • Run to the Beat half marathon 2011 – my first half marathon, 01:57
  • Ironman UK 2012 – the furthest I have ever swum, cycled, or run without stopping. 13:07, 7th in age group.
  • Scottish Coast to Coast race – fastest female pair
  • Strathpuffer 24-hr mountain bike endurance race (2nd ladies’ quad) – my 3rd time on a mountain bike!
  • Endurancelife Coastal Trail Series – South Devon half marathon & North York Moors marathon

Things on my adventure & challenges bucket list;

  • 3 peaks challenge
  • LEJOG cycle
  • London to Paris cycle
  • A cycle touring holiday
  • An Ultramarathon
  • An adventure in the Arctic Circle

I’d love to hear about your adventures and achievements; inspiration comes from all sorts of places! I’ve recently been reading more and more blogs from adventure lovers, sports fiends, healthy-living nuts, and the one thing that shines out from all them all is their enthusiasm and passion for what they love doing. What more can I say, their enthusiasm is infectious!


My official finishers picture from IMUK 2012, courtesy of Finisherpix

Hannah & I at the start of the Coast to Coast Race - very early morning on the North Sea coast!

Hannah & I at the start of the Coast to Coast Race – very early morning on the North Sea coast!

Amazing views over Loch Lomond - the end is in sight! Coast to Coast 2012

Amazing views over Loch Lomond – the end is in sight! Coast to Coast 2012

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