The Adventures of Henry J Ruffington – Far East Russia

And so it started… we were off. Getting out of Vladivostok was a little tricky, but thanks to the wonder of Garmin and open source maps, we at least had vague idea of where to go, even if we didn’t have the luxury of sat nav. Fortunately, once you get out of Vladivostok, you are rather limited by the number options you can take direction-wise. If you are heading north to the corner of China, and then west towards Moscow, there really is only one road to take. Unless you head north into Siberia and take the Bam highway. Initially this had been our grand plan – travel from east to west along the Bam highway as far as Lake Baikal, and then drop down into Mongolia from there. However, after working out that our time in Russia would be slightly time pressured (seeing as we’d had to get our visas well in advance, before we knew that GAC had caused such a delay on the car arriving in Vlad) and doing a little more investigating, we came to the conclusion that trying to travel the Bam highway in two and a half weeks with only one car was actually a really stupid idea. Even with a winch. So, we had to tailor our initial plan slightly, and decided that we would high-tail it through far eastern Russia on the main roads as far as Lake Baikal and spend a day or two chilling out there before heading into Mongolia for the rest of our time away. Continue reading