Whole30 round 2 – week 4 and beyond

Just came across this article saved on my computer and realised that I’d never posted it!! I got sidetracked with writing about Atlantic Endeavour stuff and my Muscat marathon jaunt.

Day 22:

  • Breakfast – Tinned sardines, raw carrot, mushroom, pepper and cucumber.
  • Lunch – Raw carrot, mushrooms, sugarsnap peas, pepper, cucumber and tomatoes.
  • Dinner – Hotel buffet dinner – lots of salads, coconut curry lamb & baked potato wedges
  • Snacks – Fruit and nuts, fresh pineapple, a banana and an apple.
  • Drinks – Lots of water, green tea.

    Whole30 round 2 - Day 22

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 22

Day 23:

  • Breakfast – Banana, 2 hard-boiled eggs, beef bacon, baked potato wedges, cucumber, tomato, pineapple & melon.
  • Lunch – Tuna salad with icebery lettuce, coriander and a hard-boiled egg.
  • Dinner – 2 BBQ’d beef burgers, chicken kebab and lots of salad. Puf of apple, apricot, dried coconut, maca powder, pistachios & cacao nibs.
  • Snacks – Banana, fruit and nuts.
  • Drinks – Green tea and lots of water.

    Whole30 round 2 - day 23

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 23

Day 24:

  • Breakfast – Spinach and mushroom 2-egg omelette, tomatoes, cucumber, sugarsnap peas, carrots and brazil nuts.
  • Lunch – Salad with leftover BBQ’d chicken.
  • Dinner – Kargeen special salad, post-dinner cold burger, nuts & sultanas.
  • Snacks – Banana and pumpkin seeds.
  • Drinks – Hot water with ginger and lemon, coconut milk coffee, water, ginger tea.

    Whole30 round 2 - day 24

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 24

Day 25:

  • Breakfast – 2-egg omelette with leftover chopped up burger & mushrooms, raw carrot, apricot, yellow pepper and pan-fried cauliflower.
  • Lunch – Microwaved sweet potato with sardines and lettuce, pepper, chilli and tomato salad.
  • Dinner – Roast pumpkin, cauliflower purée with roasted garlic cloves, turmeric & ginger stir-fried chicken and peppers. Chopped apple, coconut shreds, chopped up date & nut bar and maca powder.
  • Snacks – Apple, carrot, leftover cauliflower florets
  • Drinks – Hot water with ginger and lemon, green tea, lots of water.

    Whole30 round 2 - Day 25

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 25

Day 26:

  • Pre-race breakfast – 1 scrambled egg, piece of leftover roasted squash and a date & nut bar.
  • Marathon snacks – 4 homemade date, nut & sultana bars and a banana, water with elete hydration salts in.
  • Breakfast – Scrambled eggs, potato and onion hash browns, a pear, an apple, a banana and some walnuts.
  • Lunch – Leftover roasted squash and garlic with turmeric chicken and peppers.
  • Dinner – Carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, raddish, red cabbage & sultanas, olives, onion coriander & tomato salsa with ghee-fried peppered fish with lemon. Pear, fig, coconut, almond and cherries to follow.
  • Drinks – Fresh carrot, ginger, apple & orange juice, lots of water. Pomegranate, lychee, blueberry & cinnamon smoothie.

    Whole30 round 2 - Day 26

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 26

Day 27:

  • Breakfast – Carrots, courgettes, leftover red cabbage & sultanas, mixed nuts and a 3-egg spinach, mushroom and turmeric omelette.
  • Lunch – Green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, olives, jalapeños, pomegranate seeds, mint and ghee-fried fish.
  • Dinner – Julienned carrot and pomegranate seeds, red cabbage and sultanas, chicken with onion, courgette, tomato & coriander on baby spinach. Chopped apple, pitaya (dragon fruit) and watermelon for after.
  • Snacks – Banana, nuts, sultanas & dried fig.
  • Drinks – Hot water with ginger, lemon and coconut oil, coconut milk coffee, watered down pomegranate & lychee juice. Peppermint tea

    Whole30 round 2 - Day 27

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 27

Day 28:

  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, green pepper, cucumber, pomegranate seeds, tomato, leftover red cabbage and 2 fried eggs.
  • Lunch – Carrot, tomato, mushroom and leftover tomato veg ragu, with steak on baby spinach with pomegranate seeds.
  • Dinner – Chicken curry with cardamom cauliflower rice, roasted squash and grilled aubergine.
  • Snacks – post-swim banana, apple, watermelon chunks, almonds.
  • Drinks – Water, coconut milk coffee, watered down pomegranate & lychee juice.

    Whole30 round 2 - Day 28

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 28

Day 29:

  • Breakfast – Half grapefruit, leftover veg omelette, leftover roast squash, tomatoes, cucumber, pomegranate seeds and cashews.
  • Lunch – Green salad with Romaine lettuce, spinach, coriander, mint, radishes, mushrooms and pomegranates seeds, with a carrot and sliced steak.
  • Dinner – Sardines, spinach, cucumber, mushrooms, pomegranate seeds, olives, beets, courgettes and salsa. Pud of pear, pitaya, frozen blueberries & cherries, coconut, maca and flaked almonds.
  • Snacks – Apple, dates and nuts
  • Drinks – Water, green tea.

    Whole30 round 2 - Day 29

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 29

Day 30:

  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, 2-egg omelette carrot, salsa, cucumber, green pepper, beets and olives.
  • Lunch – Lettuce, cucumber, pepper, olives, tomato with roast chicken.
  • Dinner – Red Thai shrimp curry with cauliflower rice and shredded coconut. Banana, pitaya, frozen cherries, pomegranate seeds, coconut and maca for pud.
  • Snacks – Dates and mixed nuts, pre-run banana, massive slice of watermelon.
  • Drinks – Water, watered pomegranate & lychee juice

    Whole30 round 2 - Day 30

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 30

Day 31:

  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, 2-egg omelette, spinach, tomatoes, pomegranate seeds and beets.
  • Lunch – Pizza Express Pollo al Fumigado salad
  • Dinner – Beef burger, spinach, roasted squash, red cabbage and tomato veg salsa followed by frozen cherries, coconut shreds and maca powder with water.
  • Snacks – Watermelon.
  • Drinks – Fresh carrot, apple, orange and ginger juice, coconut milk coffee, water, fresh pineapple juice, green tea.

    Whole30 round 2 - Day 31

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 31

Day 32:

  • Breakfast – Omelette, spinach and roasted squash
  • Lunch – Spinach, carrot, tomato, roasted squash and steak salad
  • Dinner – Sardines, leftover roasted squash and red cabbage, tomato veg salsa and more spinach. Pitaya, coconut shreds, blueberries, maca powder and water topped with a chopped up choccie truffle
  • Snacks – Nuts and sultanas, apple, more nuts and sultanas & 2 homemade chocolate truffles.
  • Drinks – Water, coconut milk coffee with fresh local date syrup

    Whole30 round 2 - Day 32

    Whole30 round 2 – Day 32

The first 2 days of this week were spent on fieldwork (again), although this time it wasn’t as bad because we were staying in a hotel, so there’s normally more choice of what to eat for breakfast, even if it is only salad and eggs! Always nice to get back into your own kitchen to cook whatever you want after time away. Because we were out for the weekend too, it felt like I’d been away for weeks! My housemate and the boy had friends of theirs visiting, so I was collected from work and told we were going out to dinner – after dealing with fieldwork food stress the week before, at least having choice of things on a menu did not faze me at all. Or at least it wouldn’t have done if they’d remembered to bring me some of my order. Kargeen special salad (no dressing), with a chicken skewer. Except they forgot the chicken. Two salads in one day is not enough food for me!! Had to raid the fridge when I got home for leftovers. The day before the marathon I mainly ate lots of the right things – mostly I just ate lots. Fuelling during the marathon was spot on; homemade date bars and a banana, and water made up with elete hydration salts. Who needs all that sugary processed crap to run fast? Smashed my sub-4 hour target with a 3 hr 46 min marathon. Super chuffed. My food over the next few days was basically to eat as many colours, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories as possible, including pomegranate and lychee juice as recommended by our Atlantic Endeavour nutritionist. Treated myself to a fresh juice when I had to go out and do the food shop later in the day after the marathon – hip was beginning to trouble me and I was feeling a bit cranky. I am now a new fan of carrot in juices – fresh carrot, orange, apple and ginger juice. Oh. My. Goodness. Uh-mezzing.

Fresh carrot, orange, apple and ginger juice

Fresh carrot, orange, apple and ginger juice

Well that sorted out the crankiness and I powered round the food shop (in retrospect I think I may have been hungry-hippo-esque hungry without realising). For something like a whole30, it definitely helps that Niall doesn’t drink – we went for sundowners at the Chedi as our guests were leaving….. it meant I didn’t feel at all weird or out of place ordering a plain peppermint tea whilst the others had cocktails, as Niall had a hot chocolate anyway! The last few days after the marathon I mainly just tried to eat all the colours and make sure I was recovering well. Aside from a very tight ITB and glutes, my body and fuel levels felt like they recovered pretty quickly really! I even managed a few runs the week following the marathon before I decided I definitely needed a sports massage to sort out my ITB before it got worse…….

I carried on until day 32, just because I didn’t really see any reason to stop – I had a few homemade chocolate truffles that had been staring out of the fridge at me since Christmas time; they were not nearly as satisfying as I thought they would be (or as nice as I remembered them being). Funny how tastes change! So how did I find round 2 of Whole30? In all honesty, a lot easier but a bit less exciting than the first round. I ate too many nuts as snacks this time round, and had too many pudding bowls of fruit and coconut shreds. I’m learning more about which foods are good for what (e.g. turmeric, cinnamon for anti-inflammatory properties etc.), but I wasn’t nearly as adventurous in the kitchen as I was on round 1. I think if I do another whole30 again, I will set myself a challenge of at least 2 new recipes a week, to keep it exciting. On the plus side, I have pretty much weaned Niall off pasta & rice (except if we go out for dinner) as I don’t cook them anymore, and although he’s a pretty fussy eater, I’m managing to sneak more and more foods he says he doesn’t like into meals he then says were very nice. Win. The only downside to doing these whole30’s is that before, I used to feel a bit bloated occasionally but it didn’t really bother me – now, if I eat something my body doesn’t like particularly, I feel like someone has pumped up a balloon in my tummy, and it’s really uncomfortable. At least it helps me make a decision about whether it’s worth eating something crappy or not I guess!!!


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