Whole30 week 3

Well, three weeks down, one (and a little bit) to go. I’m feeling pretty good, although very tired as have increased my training load substantially in the last week or so. Nails are growing very quickly, and have noticed that I’ve lost weight, even though I feel like I’m eating for England!

Day 15:

  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, leftover curried vegetables, 1 poached egg, handful of almonds and pomegranate seeds.
  • Lunch – Green salad (Romaine lettuce), julienne carrots, chopped mushroom, green pepper, half an avocado, savoy cabbage, beef bacon slices, homemade moutabbal. Apple for dessert.
  • Dinner – Lebanese kibbeh – lamb, onion, spinach & mushroom pie, with oven roasted pumpkin mash topping, roasted pumpkin skins, chopped olives, chopped cucumber, green pepper and pomegranate seed salad, cold roast cauliflower florets.
  • Snacks – Two half date, cashew, pear and cinnamon bars. Banana, melon, ginger and coconut milk smoothie with elete hydration water.
  • Drinks – Lemon and ginger tea, water.

    Day 15

    Day 15

Day 16:

  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, chopped cucumber, handful of mixed almonds & cashews, 2 scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and green pepper.
  • Lunch – Green salad (Romaine lettuce), half a chopped apple, handful of walnuts, chopped olives, 3 chopped dates, chopped cucumber, green pepper, slices of beef bacon. Olive oil and vinegar dressing. Banana for dessert.
  • Dinner – Stirfried pepper chicken, with onion, green pepper, courgette and sunflower seeds (plus added ants). Oven roasted sweet pepper slices. Small bowl of mango, dried pear, pomegranate seed, date and cashew with a splash of coconut milk.
  • Snacks – Small slice of melon. Handful of beef jerky and sugarsnap peas post-run.
  • Drinks – Coffee with coconut milk. Kiwi & cranberry juice with water, lemon and lime water.

    Day 16

    Day 16

Day 17:

  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, sliced raw courgette, chopped dates, pomegranate seeds, 2 scrambled eggs
  • Lunch – Green salad (Romaine lettuce), chopped tomatoes, olives, cucumber, green pepper, small handful of cashews and steak strips.
  • Dinner – Leftover Lebanese Kibbeh, with sautéed green pepper and courgette strips, pomegranate seeds and a handful of mixed cashews and walnuts. Mini melon, date, dried pear & coconut milk bowl.
  • Snacks – Half a date, cashew, pear and cinnamon bar pre-run. Smallest banana in the world post-run.
  • Drinks – Black coffee, water.

    Day 17

    Day 17

Day 18:

  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, chopped green peppers, cucumber, handful of almonds and 3 scrambled eggs.
  • Lunch – Green salad (Romaine lettuce), with chopped cucumber, green pepper, tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, cashews and steak strips.
  • Dinner – Lemon and parsley oven roast chicken pieces, roast beetroot, sautéed green pepper and onion, boiled cauliflower.
  • Snacks – Post-ride banana, almond, date, ginger, coconut milk and kiwi & cranberry juice smoothie.
  • Drinks – Black coffee, Kiwi & cranberry juice with water, water.

    Day 18

    Day 18

Day 19:

  • Breakfast – Half a grapefruit, chopped cucumber & mushrooms, handful of mixed cashews, walnut and almonds, 2 scrambled eggs.
  • Lunch – 1 raw carrot (sticks), grapes, 2 apple slices, pineapple, cucumber, green pepper, yellow pepper, tuna and 1 hard-boiled egg.
  • Dinner – Beef and beetroot Bolognese, cauliflower, cooked carrot sticksm chopped cucumber and half an avocado
  • Snacks – Post-ride banana, peach, almond, date, tahini, coconut milk and kiwi & cranberry juice smoothie.
  • Drinks – Water, kiwi & cranberry juice with water.

    Day 19

    Day 19

Day 20:

  • Breakfast – (post-run) Half a grapefruit, beetroot & beef Bolognese, 2 poached eggs, chopped cucumber, a peach.
  • Lunch – Green salad (Romaine lettuce), chopped cucumber, green pepper, mushroom, half an avocado, carrot sticks, ghee-fried peppered fish.
  • Dinner – Beetroot & beef Bolognese, julienne raw carrot, romaine lettuce and chopped cucumber, handful of chopped green olives.
  • Snacks – My post-run hard-boiled egg was bad when I cracked it open to peel :(
  • Drinks – Water, Kiwi & cranberry juice with water and Elete electrolytes. Iced coffee with coconut milk, 2 dates and desiccated coconut.

    Day 20

    Day 20

Day 21:

  • Breakfast – pre-ride apple (6.30am)
  • Lunch – Green salad (Romaine lettuce), sliced apple, chopped cucumber, half a chopped appled, pomegranate seeds, ghee-fried peppered fish
  • Dinner – Thai red chicken curry, cauliflower and broccoli rice, chopped green pepper, cucumber, green olives and pomegranate seeds with coriander.
  • Snacks – Mid-ride banana, 3 cashew-stuffed dried apricots, 7 almond-stuffed dates. Roasted pumpkin seeds.
  • Drinks – Water, Kiwi & cranberry & water mix with Elete electrolytes during ride. O.N.E. coconut water.

    Day 21

    Day 21

Note to self about this week; I need to be eating more. Specifically, I need to be eating more at lunch, particularly if I’m going to be training in the evening. I’ve been doing well with making sure I have some protein-based snacks for after training (usually beef jerky as it’s so portable and doesn’t have to go in the fridge, plus some cold or raw veg), but if it’s a hard training session, even dinner within the hour doesn’t quite hit the mark. Breakfast is keeping me nice and full until lunchtime, but I think I need to just make bigger salads. After a long run on Friday morning, and a VERY long bike ride (for me anyway, having not been out on my bike for about 5-6 months) on Saturday morning, I was left hungry and dehydrated. Unfortunately, when I get dehydrated out here, it hangs around for days, no matter how much water I try and drink. I’m very glad I bought some elete water when I was back home in the UK, as otherwise I would have had to resort to store-bought electrolytes by now I think! Day 15 I really struggled after the weekend, I had very, very puffy eyes when I woke up, after a bad night’s sleep and residual dehydration, and I felt terrible; headachey, lethargic and sorry for myself. A lot of water, elete electrolytes and a very early night helped immensely.

Extreme case of the puffy eyes. Looks like I've been out on the lash all night!

Extreme case of the puffy eyes. Looks like I’ve been out on the lash all night!

I umm’d and ahh’d this week a lot about one topic; smoothies. Melissa and Dallas Hartwig are pretty explicit in their book about not allowing these for the whole30 duration. This week, I have included them a couple of times, for the following reasons. Mostly it’s to tide me over after a training session, when I either don’t have proper food with me, or didn’t have enough with me. I do the majority of the cooking, so even when I get away from work on time, and if I’m not training, we tend not to eat until about 7.30 at the absolute earliest. Towards the end of this week I’ve also started cycle commuting to work (a 50km round trip), and realised I was going to need a little more oomph. Without enough food in the fridge this morning, and without enough space in my teeny, tiny bag, my Breville Blend-Active bottle fits perfectly in my second bottle-cage on my bike, for a re-fuel when I get to work. I’ve intentionally tried to keep a good balance of food in these smoothies, rather than just trying to get them to taste nice, as I know that way you can very easily overdo it on the sweet ingredients. I wouldn’t use them as a complete meal replacement, I think it’s far more important to eat the food! Either way, I know they’re not the best thing for me to be having, but this week it has been a case of have that, or have nothing. I am not a nice, or productive person when I have nothing!

His 'n' Hers post work (post ride) nana, coconut milk, ginger and date smoothie

His ‘n’ Hers post work (post ride) nana, almond, coconut milk, ginger and date smoothie

What have I learnt from this week? Do some better food planning. There is only one place that I can get sugar-free, soy-free jerky from near me, and I they don’t always have it ready for sale (like this week). I need to go back in at the weekend and stock up. Not having a fridge accessible to store post-workout snacks can also be a bit of a problem when you live in country where the mercury hits 40°C on a regular basis. I’ve done really well on food planning and meal prep for the first two weeks, but for a variety of reasons (mostly including exhaustion), this planning has slipped a little, and hence the smoothies have crept in.

So, for week 4…… no smoothies. Better food planning, and therefore better life planning seeing as I am now car-less, and have to cycle to the supermarket. In the UK I wouldn’t so much as flinch at this idea, but it’s still bloody hot here, sticky gross humid, and the drivers are still crazy. Lorries passing you with cm to spare, people honking as they go past, people on their mobiles all the time, or just slowing down to look at you as you cycle along. Hey at least it’ll get me bike fit again! Oh, and buy decent eggs. I had to throw away 5 bad eggs out of a pack of 12 – we’d bought them in desperation from a little local shop rather than the supermarket as I’d run out….. never again. So I did a trip to the local supermarket – it turns out that fruit, veg and meat weight quite a lot when you have them in a backpack and it’s nearly 40°C outside. Grim.

I did not enjoy that shopping trip. However, I now have food at least until the middle of the week,  maybe longer if I don't eat too much!

I did not enjoy that shopping trip. However, I now have food at least until the middle of the week, maybe longer if I don’t eat too much!


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